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Simply publishing an article isn't sufficient in today's world. Effective dissemination and communication of your research is important. Our services will transform your work, making it more impactful, engaging, and accessible to a wider audience.

Services we offer

Plain language summaries

Plain language summaries

Create a short, written summary of your paper written in non-technical language to make the article more engaging and accessible to a wider audience.
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Video shorts

Video shorts

Transform your research into short, engaging videos to reach more people and make your work more visible.
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Present the core aspects of your work in an engaging, easy-to-follow visual format for your target audience to easily grasp.
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Graphical abstracts

Graphical abstracts

Craft a graphical abstract that captivates visually and conveys your research findings with scientific accuracy, ensuring clarity and engagement.
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Why to promote your research? 

Why to promote your research?
  • Simplify complex information to make it easy for your target audience as well as non-experts to understand. 
  • Make your research clear and concise for experts and peers; many published papers go unread and uncited. Increased outreach leads to more citations.
  • Use a clear and concise presentation of your research to attract the right funders and investors for your work.  

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Your document is managed by a team of highly skilled experts proficient in editing, design, and promotion techniques, ensuring global impact. To date, they've assisted over 345,000 researchers in effectively communicating crucial research to key audiences. 
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We promise your satisfaction and on-time delivery. Working with us will help convey your research in the clearest and most engaging way possible. 
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